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Zara Nanu on why women shouldn’t have to ask for a payrise

February 11, 2020

The World Economic Forum says the gender pay gap will take over 200 years to close.

But why should women always have to advocate for their equality by asking for a payrise? Women are constantly told how to negotiate, how to prove their achievements. But data shows that when women do ask for a raise, they don't always get them. And we don't currently have the right to ask our manager what our male counterparts are earning.

Zara Nanu, CEO of GapSquare, uses data to try to change the way companies operate - and the way women and minorities are recruited, paid and promoted.

We talked about men taking pay cuts, the systemic barriers holding women back, and how we are finally moving past the 'Lean In' philosophy.

Hayley Millhouse of OpenMoney also gave some financial advice about equal pay. OpenMoney aims to make financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone - head to

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