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Anna Codrea-Rado on freelance finances

Anna Codrea-Rado on freelance finances

October 15, 2019

More and more of us are working for ourselves. How can we stay focused and make a decent living?

Anna Codrea-Rado is a familiar name in the worlds of freelancing and journalism. Her work has appeared in places like The Guardian, The New York Times and Wired. She is also the founder of FJ&Co, a platform for freelancers, as well as the #FairPayForFreelancers Campaign, co-hosts a podcast called Is This Working? and writes a weekly freelancing newsletter with thousands of subscribers. Man, that's a lot.

But she hasn't always had it easy. She was made redundant in 2017 and still fights to get paid on time - like the rest of us.

For the final episode of season one, I asked Anna everything from why she only wears white/black/grey to how we can ditch the guilt when all we want to do is... take a day off.

Emilie Bellet, author of You're Not Broke, You're Pre Rich, and founder of Vestpod, also shared some tips with me on the most important money items you need to tick off your list if you want to go freelance.

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The cost of being a bridesmaid

The cost of being a bridesmaid

October 8, 2019

Research shows the average cost of being a bridesmaid is £998. Would you be willing to spend that?

Join me, Rachael Revesz, as I chat to journalists Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith and Anya Meyerowitz to discuss the joys and monetary burdens of our best mates' special day. Followed by some practical advice from Catherine Morgan of The Money Panel.

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Jasmine Andersson on debt and being working class

Jasmine Andersson on debt and being working class

October 1, 2019

Social class, debt and privilege are still underdiscussed topics.

Jasmine Andersson, a reporter who focuses on equality at, spoke movingly about her experience of growing up in Hull, the impact of debt at university, and how she navigates the middle class and privileged world of journalism.

Please read her piece that sparked this conversation here:

And - how do you counter the myth that the gender pay gap 'does not exist'? Expert advice from Mary-Ann Stephenson, director of the Women's Budget Group.

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Marisa Bate on what it was like to lose £9k

Marisa Bate on what it was like to lose £9k

September 24, 2019

What does it feel like to do £9,000 worth of work and realise you won't be paid? That's what happened to Marisa Bate, the writer and women's advocate, when online publication The Pool went under earlier this year. Marisa talked about guarding her money 'like a cocaine baron' and other lessons she learnt.

The UnderPinned article we refer to:

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Money and dating

Money and dating

September 17, 2019

Do you split the bill? How do money and dating come into the MeToo era? Do you pretend to grope around in your bag until the other person offers to pay?

I'm Rachael Revesz and joining me to answer these pressing questions are journalists Kuba Shand-Baptiste and Lucy Handley. Our chat is followed by a listener's query on whether she should even bother trying to save for a house when the market is so expensive.

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Why does talking about money… feel so dirty?

Why does talking about money… feel so dirty?

September 9, 2019

Journalists Elle Hunt and Sirena Bergman join me to discuss why we need to start talking more openly about money - including what we wish we'd known earlier and why we're obsessed with judging each other's spending.


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